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Life Maxx comic book and friends
Life Maxx and Friends
Cancer Survivor
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"When cancer is a part of your life, it is not what defines you. How you survive and cope defines you, giving others hope."

-- Brenda M. Rider

Adapted from
"What is Defined" in The "Gift" of Giving, 2006

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About the Foundation

The A Way With Words Foundation was created for people who are survivors, relatives, and those touched by cancer. The A Way With Words Foundation, Inc. is a literary non-profit 501 c 3. We publish poetry, and stories of inspiration to help others fight their battle against cancer, at no cost to any writer/survivor or caregiver.

The primary goals are to provide avenues of expression for cancer survivors, especially after treatment; to generate resources for healing and surviving; to increase awareness of cancer in children; and to raise money for cancer research and cancer survivors. We also work to raise awareness about cancer challenges and survivor tools in a way that creates a positive force in our communities. More....

The Foundation sponsors the ROCcK Children's Choir. R.O.C.c.K. means Raising Our Commitment to cancer Kids. The choir is comprised of cancer survivors, siblings and those touched by cancer ages 3-18. The choir started ten years ago in Youngstown, Ohio and on average performs 100 plus events a year. Every performance is a donation to who needs us. Our mission is to inspire hope when all seems lost, and direction when needed. More....


Saving Second Base informational poster
4th Annual
Saving Second Base
Co-Ed Softball Tournament on September 8, 2013


AwwwMazing Highlights!

The ROCcK Children's Choir is ROCcKin' this summer with several appearances, including with country music singer Sarah Turner at the Kids Shine 4 a Cure April fundraiser and family fun. Started in April 2012, the R.O.C.c.K. Choir joins the Autisitic Learning Foundation to raise funds for children with cancer and autism.

Check for this and other happenings in the 2013 calendar.

Still collecting recipes and survivor stories! A Way With Words Foundation is now asking for contributions to its next publication: "ROCcKin' Recipes".

The ROCcK Children's Choir was ROCcKin' with cancer patients and their friends as part of the Tony Stewart's "ROCcK Children's Choir Kids Helping Kids Tour" in 2010 made the rounds. You can now get your own video of the tour by contacting the A Way With Words Foundation.

Photo of ROCcK Children's Choir with Tony Stewart Backpacks
Tony Stewart R.O.C.c.K. Tour for Kids

Artist and creator of the unique LIFE MAXX™ comic book series, Chris Yambar developed the new concept of a superhero who is a cancer survivor. Check out the report of the events....

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Brenda w Tony
See YouTube Video of AWWWF Tony Stewart song




New book, "The Blessings of Survivors and Friends"
The Blessings of
Survivors and Friends

ROCcK Children's Choir
Courtesy Karen O'Malia

One of the most successful and exciting activities of the Foundation is the R.O.C.c.K. Children's Choir. A group of cancer patients, survivors, and family members, the choir sings to cope and to reach out to others.

Celebrity appearances
Courtesy Tasha Agustin

Watch for Fundraising Events that include celebrities autographing at the events or just mixing with the crowds at car shows, auctions, Concerts, Golf Tournaments, book signings, and shopping adventures.

Launch of Tomato Alley Children's Book
with appearance by LIFEMAXX

The A Way With Words Foundation has many ways for you to support cancer survivors and research: Direct Donations, Purchase Products, attend a Fundraiser, Volunteer your time, or contribute items.


Sponsors, Contributors, and Volunteers are special kinds of angels who Donate their time, expertise, money, goods, and especially their caring to help the A Way With Words Foundation work for those touched by cancer.

Courtesy Joe Secka/JMSProPhoto


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A Way With Words Foundation, Inc. (AWWWF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to raising money for cancer research and for the support of kids touched by cancer. All donations are tax deductible.

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